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Tofex Review Reminder


This extension provides an agreement in the terms and condition to allow the sending of a review reminder and a process to send this reminder as an e-mail.


The sending of a review reminder usually requires the agreement of the customer to receive such an e-mail. Therefor an agreement will be created by this extension. This agreement is optional and uses the extension Tofex Checkout Agreement to provide the functionality of optional agreements.

If the customer agrees to receive the reminder, an e-mail will be sent to the customer which can be customized in the backend. It is also required to define which order status is required to send this e-mail after which number of days. The sending process is using the Tofex Job extension which allows you to monitor and log the required details and provides the possibility to inform the shop management in case of an error.



The settings of the mail reminder can be found using "Stores > Configuration > Tofex Extensions > Review Reminder".


  • Enabled: If the reminder should be sent.
  • Order Status: The selection of order status which are required to send the reminder.
  • Number of Days: Send the reminder after this number of days.
  • E-Mail Sender: The selection which mail address to use as sender.
  • E-Mail Template: The selection which template to use to send as reminder.

The process of sending can be configured in "Stores > Configuration > Tofex Jobs > Review Reminder".

If you want to be notified when an error occurred in the job, you can configure the required settings here.


You can also change the execution of the job in case you don't have a general cron management available in the backend.


Terms and Conditions

You can change the content of the agreement using "Store > Terms and Conditions" and find the agreement created by the extensions. All settings can be changed but not the "Persistent" setting and the value in "Persistent Column Name".



The only change in the frontend is the agreement in the checkout process which was added with this extension.



Tofex Review Reminder is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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